Group Fitness

Flow Yoga, LLC

Flow Yoga, LLC was founded out of personal passion of its owner, Beth Sparks Collins. After attending a weekend beginner yoga workshop on the idea that she would attend that three-hour workshop on a Saturday morning and learn all she needed to know to practice yoga on her own, Beth was instantly hooked. Ten years later, yoga is part of her daily life and she believes in not only its physical benefits, but the mental benefits that yoga offers as well. She became a certified yoga instructor in 2022 and is the driving force behind Sprout CCC and can’t wait to share her love of yoga with everyone who comes through the door.

Beth currently works in community development within a local hospital system, teaches weekly yoga classes for the young men and women of the Tristate Developmental Services, assists her husband, Bryan, with cooking a weekly family-style meal at their church, is the lead taxi driver to her youngest son, is mom and bonus mom to four more sons and one daughter, is the chief laundry officer in her home and spends her free time with best dog in the world, Frank.

Blue Swan Pilates

Blue Swan Pilates, LLC was created in 2023 by owner and certified Pilates instructor, Sara Fuller of Proctorville, Ohio. Sara is a 1999 graduate of Marshall University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Communications. Go Herd!!!

Sara discovered Pilates after a foot injury in 2017 left her physically restricted to most other exercise options. She quickly fell in love with the Pilates way of movement and continued attending sessions long past the healing of her injury. Sara believes in the benefits of Pilates as it relates to overall health and well-being. While Pilates has become her primary form of exercise, it has given her the strength, flexibility, and energy to stay active in other forms of exercise, movement, and daily life.

Sara enrolled in a Pilates teacher training program in 2019 to further her knowledge and personal practice. She successfully completed 500 plus hours of training at 4th Avenue Pilates in Huntington, West Virginia under the professional guidance of Owner and Master Pilates Trainer, Jessica Fox. She received her Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certification in 2021. While her Pilates certification encompasses all aspects of Pilates, the classes offered at Sprout CCC by Sara will be mat based using yoga mats and small props. These mat classes are designed to accommodate both beginners and practiced clients. Sara looks forward to introducing Pilates classes to her community.